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We believe all students at Trumpington Community College should have the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be both successful learners, well-rounded individuals and productive citizens able to contribute positively to society. The aim of our careers programme is to help all our students to reach their full potential through the provision of high quality advice and guidance. Through our careers provision, we aim to motivate young people by giving them a clearer idea of the routes to jobs and careers that they will find engaging and rewarding.

The current careers programme is delivered through a combination of methods, including explicit lessons provided within the taught PSHE programme in Years 7 through to Year 11. Careers information is available in the school through which students have access to information on apprenticeships, universities, the labour market, career pathways and Post-16 applications. Students in Year 11 have specific support around writing CVs, letters of application and personal statements. Students in Year 10 have access to work experience across a wide variety of sectors and are supported in the decisions regarding suitable placements that they are interested in. Students in Year 9 are provided with guidance to support their KS4 choices by ensuring they consider future pathways and the suite of qualifications that will support their progression. We also have access to careers advisors who can come into the school to meet with students to discuss their options and future pathways to support their decision making processes and applications. The school has links with a variety of partners, such as Form the Future, who are also able to provide information, guidance and advice. Students have access to workshops in specific careers available throughout the academic year.

The Careers Lead at Trumpington is Mr Henry Joyce,

You can read the full careers programme on the school’s policy below.

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