The Learning Day

School is open from:

8am to 5pm – Monday to Thursday
8am to 4pm – Friday.

Lessons start at 8:30am each day and finish at 2:55pm. Some students may have extra lessons finishing at 4:35pm.

Please ask your child to share their timetable with you.

08:30 – 08:45am Registration/Assembly
08:45 – 09:35am Lesson 1
09:35 – 10:25am Lesson 2
10:25 – 10:45am BREAK
10:45 – 11:35am Lesson 3
11:35 – 12:25pm Lesson 4
12:25 – 13:15pm LUNCH
13:15 – 14:05pm Lesson 5
14:05 – 14:55pm Lesson 6
14:55 – 15:45pm Lesson 7
15:45 – 16:35pm Lesson 8

Lunchtime and after-school clubs

Lunchtime and after-school clubs are available for all students. These clubs are a great way to meet new friends, pick up a new interest or develop an existing one. We look forward to seeing all students participate in at least one club!

The full list of clubs will be available soon after the start of the new school year with lots to choose from.

Cycle Routes

Click here to view the suggested cycle routes map.


Trumpington / CAST to Coleridge:

  • Cycle along Long Road on the pavement.
  • Turn left onto Hills Road until the first set of traffic lights.
  • Cross at the crossing onto Glebe Road.
  • Turn left onto Baldock Way and then right onto Hills Avenue.
  • Turn Right onto Hinton Avenue and cross at the Cherry Hinton crossing.
  • Use the cycle paths on Perne Road and then turn left onto Radegund Road.
  • Alternatively, cycle along Long Road and turn onto Sedley Taylor Road.
  • Turn right onto Luard Road and cross over to Cavendish Road.
  • Join Hinton Avenue and follow remaining directions as above.

Coleridge to Trumpington / CAST:

  • As above, in reverse

Trumpington / CAST to Parkside:

  • Cycle along Long Road on the pavement.
  • Turn left onto Hills Road and use the cycle path until you reach Parker’s Piece.
  • Turn right onto Parker’s Piece and cross through the middle.

Parkside / CAST to Trumpington:

  • As above, in reverse

Coleridge to Parkside:

  • Turn right onto Radegund Road
  • Over the cross-roads onto Davy Road
  • Turn right onto Rustat Road
  • Turn left and cross over the railway lines using the foot/cycle bridge and onto Devonshire Road
  • Move onto Lyndewode Road
  • Turn right onto Glisson Road
  • Turn Left onto Gresham Road
  • Use the crossing to move over to Parker’s Piece
  • Take a diagonal pathway heading right towards Parkside Community College

Parkside to Coleridge:

  • As above, in reverse
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