United Learning Cambridge Cluster always welcomes contact with parents/carers because this fosters mutual understanding and support, which has a positive effect on children’s performance and their attitudes to learning.

We want to ensure that parents/carers always have an appropriate and helpful response to their communications. However, unlike some businesses and other occupations, the professional duties of staff can make it difficult for them to speak or meet with parents/carers during the school day.

Due to teaching commitments, staff will typically be unavailable between 8.55am and 3.30pm each day. There are also other times outside these hours when they may attend meetings.

ParentMail and +Pay

We use Parentmail to stay in regular email contact with families. Shortly after your child / children join the school, we will send you a verification email allowing you to complete your Parentmail registration. We encourage you to do this as soon as possible in order you can benefit from the online payment features of +Pay.

Sending information to you by email means we can advise you of the latest school information quickly and cost-free. No printing and paper costs, also eliminating the risk of letters lurking at the bottom of your child’s school bag! There are 1400 students attending the Federation and with the average cost of a second class franked item of post being 40p we make huge savings every time we can send an email rather than post a letter. This saving can then be spent on resources to further support your child’s education.


+Pay is a feature of Parentmail used to pay for school trips, shop items or add money online to a student’s catering account. This is the preferred option and avoids having to send cheques / monies to school with your child.

Please also download the free Parentmail App available on iOS and Android which allows parents to receive communications instantly, respond to surveys, make payments for trips and shop items and top up your child’s cashless catering account.

Click on the logo below to log in to your account.

Information Evenings

  • These are in the first half-term of the academic year (Yr 7, 8 and 10)
  • Provide an overview of the school year and key systems
  • Heads of Year give the overview and then parents meet with Tutors
  • Year 11 Post-16 (Autumn Term)
  • Year 9 Pathways (January).

Parent Evenings

  • Meetings with subject teachers, parents/carers and students to discuss progress as well as any areas of development
  • This is once a year for each year group and information on these will be sent out in advance by the Assistant Head Teachers.


This is the online tool for reporting on students’ progress throughout the year. This is where you can find information about grades, and access the written reports. If you are unsure as to how to access this, please contact .


  • Communicate with parents where a meeting or phone conversation is not possible.
  • We aim to acknowledge your email within 48 hours and endeavour to provide a response as soon as possible, but always within 10 term time days
  • Staff email addresses are the first initial plus Example: In the event you are unsure of the name(s) of any teacher you wish to email, please send your enquiry to and we will be pleased to forward this on to the correct person.

Meetings/Phone Conversations

  • Discuss sensitive issues (usually more effective than an exchange of emails and minimises misunderstanding)
  • Address major behavioural/progress issues.

Google Classroom

  • Set homework (“assignments”) for students
  • Communicate with students relating to classes
  • Share resources with students
  • Notices on trips/clubs/events
  • Parents can view the homework set.

Twitter Feed

Brief and regular updates in and out of school.

Trip Information Evenings

  • These are usually held for trips abroad
  • Provides key information on the trip (itinerary, contact details, etc)
  • Dates for these will be available from the trip leaders.

Who to Contact?

  • Subject specific – Class Teacher
  • General issues – Form Tutor
  • Attendance issues – Student Services
  • If you are unsure who it is that you need to contact, please send your request via, who will forward this on.

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